Posted by: sarahkennedy33 | September 11, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

So here is your random weekly update for this Friday morning!7_quick_takes


Last night we had dinner with two other young married couples from church which was awesome!  None of us knew one another very well, so we had a wonderful time eating, drinking wine, and hearing one another’s stories.  We also got into about an hour and a 1/2 debate which was phenomenal.  One of the guys in the group attended for years Mars Hill Church in Seattle where Mark Driscoll is the pastor, and another guy there absolutely hates Mark Driscoll’s take on several things.  And his arrogance.  And the hermeneutic he uses to interpret scripture.  It was a debate done in love but it was definitely intense!  I of course am really not thrilled with Driscoll’s take on several issues (mainly that scripture says women shouldn’t be pastors, which I think is a very poor interpretation of some of the passages in the NT) so I was definitely in the midst of the discussion as well!  Both Chuck and I were so thankful for the fellowship and discussion and had a great time!


Yesterday I also had the chance to go to a high school football game for the first time since high school.  One of our youth is playing on the freshman football team at his school and Chuck and I went to cheer him on in their first game.  It definitely brought back some memories being there!


I am reading the second Twilight book, and while I will admit it is better than the first one, I still don’t think I am hooked or in love with this series.


Chuck is officially on vacation!  He has a couple weeks off before school starts and it is so fun to see him relax!  He’s surfed twice this week and is reading for FUN which he never does!  He’s reading The Shack which I read awhile ago and LOVED.  I knew he would like it and I was right, he does.


The church I guest preached at about a month ago called again and said I got awesome reviews and would I come back? So I get to preach again on the 20th, which I’m pretty excited about!


If you go to Fuller’s website, you might recognize someone in the picture 🙂  This is me chatting with Dr. Chap Clark, the youth ministry professor I have TA-ed for for 2 years now.

Fuller’s Youth, Family and Culture Homepage

It was quite an awkward and last minute photo shoot where I had to stand in front of the class and debate infant vs. believer baptism with Chap and the effects each has on the discipleship of a kid while this photographer snapped a million photos and the class was cracking up.  Ahh fun times!


It’s was my turn to draw from our date night jar this week, so I pulled a date on Monday and am working on figuring it out.  Tonight’s date is an in home date where we’re supposed to have a Ticket to Ride tournament (our favorite board game).  I’m thinking of creating some new rules for each round–like one round you have to say one thing you appreciate about your spouse for each train you set down, or well, I have other ideas in mind as well 😉



  1. I like your new blog theme.
    Re #1: I just wanna discover the truth, even if it takes me outta my comfort zone. #5: You’re gonna be a celebrity preacher one day!, and #7: I just luv your date jar!

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