Posted by: sarahkennedy33 | September 1, 2009

The World is on fire, or at least LA

Every fall since I have been here in Southern California I’ve gotten a little used to seeing some smoke fill the skies and having some area of So Cal be engulfed in flames. Never, though, have the fires hit so close to our home or affected people we know and love. Just to clarify, we are not in any danger of being evacuated, these fires would have to burn through entire towns before it hit where we live. But, people we know well have been in trouble, and have been dangerously close to losing their homes. Many of our church members live in La Canada, La Crescenta and Glendale, which is directly where the fires are burning. School was supposed to start yesterday for our youth group kids but still hasn’t started because the schools are evacuation centers and 60,000 people in these towns are not able to get to their homes. The skies here are awful, the smoke permeates everything, and all of us are praying for rain to come SOON! (Which is not in the forecast any time soon). Thought some of you might enjoy some pictures of what the world around here looks like.

These are our friends, Henry and Susan, who do incredible amounts of work with our youth group and host most of our youth events at their home. This is them in front of their house this weekend. Yes that is the fire, coming straight for them. As of today everything is still standing and should be okay, everything around them was burned but their house is miraculously still there!Firetruck in front of their houseThey live on such a hill that the fire hoses couldn’t reach from the front yard to their back yard and the fire was heading straight for their back yard. So the fire department let Henry and two guys from the church stay there all weekend with pumps and hoses hooked up to the pool, draining it to keep their property wet. It worked!
Their view now.Friday night we took these pictures from north PasadenaThe Sunday morning sky we woke up toLooks like a volcano went offOne of our youth group kids took this from his back porch this weekend.

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