Posted by: sarahkennedy33 | February 11, 2009

She’s Mine, That’s My Bride

Chuck made an interesting comment a few weeks ago, and I have been thinking about it a lot these past several weeks. He’s involved with college students at a local university, hanging out with them, leading a small group and just serving as a friend/mentor to them (he does an AMAZING job caring for them, I am so proud of him!). They have been having some difficult situations going on in their lives, and I can’t go into detail here, but Chuck has been spending time with them just listening and offering counsel when he can. A few weeks ago he asked if I would go with him to meet with two student leaders, just to be with him to help him listen to them, to offer encouragement and support to these students (I’ve met them a few times, they are GREAT students–and it was so fun to “do ministry” together, we both caught different things as we were listening and were able to encourage them in different ways, I now know why Jesus sent people out in twos!). One of the issues these students are up against is an adult in their lives continually bashing the church, speaking harshly against it, and discouraging students from getting involved in local churches, and over time it has become incredibly discouraging to them. At one point Chuck looked at one of the students and asked him, “just out of curiosity, what do you think my response would be if you just sat there and started verbally bashing Sarah, talking smack about her, putting her down…what do you think my response would be?” The student looked a little confused but said, “umm, I’d hope you would be pretty furious with me.” Chuck said “absolutely, she’s my bride, she is the one I love more than anything on earth, I can’t even begin to imagine how I would react if someone started trashing her. Or if on our wedding day, while she’s standing there in her beautiful white dress, what do you think I would do if someone just started grabbing handfuls of mud and throwing them at her?” The students laughed and said “um, you’d go insane protecting her.” “So,” he asked the students, “how do you think Jesus feels when he hears someone trashing his bride? He’s told us that’s what the church is, that’s the One he loves, the One he died for. How do you think he feels listening to the way people talk about Her?” The point was driven home.

I loved the analogy in general and know it could make a great sermon illustration someday, but it hit even more closely to home hearing him say those words about me. I am someone’s bride. I know I’ve been joking about that on here lately, with the “I’m the bride” card my friend made me, but I’ve been thinking a little more about what this means on a deeper level. There is a man who now looks at me and says “she’s mine, that’s my bride, my beloved.” I don’t totally understand how much Chuck loves me, just like I don’t understand at all how deeply Jesus loves us, his bride. But I do know that the way my groom looks at me and treats me is a reflection of the love of Christ. We were joking tonight about some of the things that could go wrong at the wedding, and he just looked at me and said “we could get married under a bridge, or in a tornado, and as long as you say yes, I won’t care, you’ll be my bride, that’s all I care about.” Being someone’s bride. A few years ago I hated the idea of “belonging” to some man, now I can’t wait. Because for me to “belong” to Chuck means that there is someone who loves me more than I can imagine, there is someone in this world who will stand by my side no matter what, who will believe in me when I can’t believe in myself, who will speak up for me when I don’t have words to stand up for myself. For Jesus to call the church His bride was a pretty powerful image for him to use, one that I think might take a lifetime of marriage for me to begin to wrap my mind around. But until then, I’m going to enjoy being someone’s Beloved, someone’s bride. Because he’s a pretty incredible someone 🙂


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