Posted by: sarahkennedy33 | August 24, 2008

He Asked, I Said Yes!

It’s official! Saturday night Chuck managed to totally surprise me with a wonderful proposal, and of course, I said YES! Sorry to all of you who checked for photos here on Sunday, I got them up as soon as I could in between making what felt like a billion phone calls! (I have a wonderful, but large extended family!) I am SO excited to marry this man I am crazy about, I have not been able to stop smiling for…well quite awhile now! I have a gorgeous ring on my hand, and every time I look at it I am reminded of how much I love him, and how grateful I am to God for bringing such a gift into my life. We have some very fun pictures from the whole evening, (thanks to some very sneaky friends!) so here’s our story….in words and photos…enjoy, and thanks for sharing this journey with us!

So some of you know I have been experiencing the joy this past week of taking my ordination exams for the Presbyterian Church. Well….joy might be the wrong word. The tests are a little overwhelming. Or a lot overwhelming. Several weeks ago, Chuck told me to block out Saturday night after ords, he wanted to take me out to a nice dinner to celebrate being almost done with these exams (I still have one more this coming week). He showed up and told me we were going to walk to Old Town Pasadena for dinner and that we had reservations somewhere, and that our good friends Dave and Tera were going to walk down with us because they had plans of their own in Old Town. That didn’t make me suspicious at all, it was great spending time with the two of them, and the whole way to Old Town they told me quite an elaborate story of what they were shopping for that evening. We reached a street corner and while waiting to cross the street, Chuck says to me, “look where we are!” I said “um it’s a street corner….and the light turned green….time to go!” He didn’t move and Tera and Dave were now standing off to the side and had pulled cameras out of their pockets. So apparently we were not going to continue crossing the street. It was then that I realized where we were…the same street corner Chuck and I met on back in October. (Yes we really did meet on a street corner…I was with a friend of his, he was walking by himself on his way home from somewhere, our mutual friend Dave introduced us, and well….he’d asked me out by the end of the night!)

So he takes my hands and starts telling me this story about “this one time, when I was on this same street corner, something pretty cool happened….I met this beautiful girl…”
He kept going with the story, telling me all about how he got to know this girl, and realized he had so much fun with her that he didn’t ever like leaving her. So they started dating more seriously. And how after a few months, he realized he had fallen in love with this girl, and he never wanted to be without her…So…
looks like it’s a YES!
And thanks to Dave & Tera being there we got great pictures during and after the proposal…we also have the whole thing on video, which is very adorable 🙂
on our street corner, Raymond Ave & Colorado Blvdthe ring is BEAUTIFUL! The diamonds are his grandmother’s, and he had it reset in white gold for me, which i LOVE!
After all the pictures, Dave & Tera left, and he took me to the Melting Pot for a wonderful dinner (it’s a fabulous fondue restaurant for those who have not yet experienced this place)
After dinner I thought I was done with surprises….but no. I knew a few people were hanging out at Jenn’s house celebrating being done with ordination exams, what I did NOT expect was to find the lights out when I walked in and about 30 people in the living room–who ALL knew what was going on and had kept it quiet somehow!
Another HUGE surprise was that when I walked in, one of my very best friends from high school was sitting on the couch–Jenn Kendall had flown down from Portland just for overnight to surprise me–Chuck knew I’d want to see her right away, and there she was!
We spent the rest of the night hanging out with great friends from different circles of our lives. Jenn was our wonderful hostess who had worked so hard to make the party special, she did an amazing job!
Dave & Tera had gone and blown up a photo of the proposal while we were at dinner and already had it up as decorations….plus they made a slide show set to my favorite love song of all the rest of the pictures which was playing when we got there–our friends went way above and beyond to celebrate us! Everyone signed a card when they came in on this table…

Jenn filling me in on how they managed to pull this off without my knowingmy other jenn! i have several in my life, this one has been around the longest! It was SO fun to have her here even if it was just for one night!Chuck and Jenn….she went with him ring shopping and helped him decide on a gorgeous settingus at the very end of the night after everyone left…we were so tired but very happy!

No huge plans have been made yet other than that our wedding will be in March in Minneapolis (where my parents live). For now, we are just enjoying this new season of life, and well…i’m still writing ordination exams…but I have a very pretty distraction on my hand to stare at when writer’s block shows up!

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