Posted by: sarahkennedy33 | August 10, 2007

Using Your Words

I have the wonderful privilege of baby sitting every Friday for a family here in Pasadena, who I actually met through a couple at Cursillo in Houston (they are the grandparents of the three kids I watch here…) Anyways, Brannin and Tanya are amazing parents, I absolutely LOVE watching them with their kids, loving them, disciplining them etc. They’ve been working a lot with two year old Judson on using his words to explain how he is feeling rather than just getting frustrated and crying (it has been kind of a long process!) So today I went in to put him down for his nap and I was laying next to him on the bed reading and I finished the story and could tell he was trying to say something to me. He had been saying before nap time that he didn’t want to take a nap, but instead of just telling me that again, he finally gets out “Miss Sarah…it hurts my feelings.” “What hurts your feelings buddy?” “Napping…it hurts my feelings…” It was precious…way to use your words buddy!


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