Posted by: sarahkennedy33 | March 22, 2007

Keeping Our Eyes Open

I noticed something this week in Maui. We live in a world that is incredibly focused. We go through life with our gaze fixed straight ahead—usually on the sidewalk directly in front of us making sure we don’t trip on anything, and we move quickly, dead set on arriving at our final destination as efficiently as possible. I’m completely guilty of this myself usually. One of my former roommates used to tease the rest of us for not “lolly-gagging” enough and tried to teach us to slow down, but I’m not sure it really worked. Until this past week that is. See, I have been to Maui several times now thanks to various people’s weddings and business conventions being held there over the years, and my all time favorite thing about being on the island is whale watching. I have never been to Hawaii when it has not been whale season, and quite honestly, I am not so sure I would enjoy it as much, as crazy as that may sound to some. There is something about literally sitting for hours doing nothing but staring at the water searching for the tell-tale puffs of mist that signify the presence of a whale beneath the surface that is absolutely addicting for me. On my last few trips over here I have pretty much insisted we go on a whale watching trip, not because I love being on a boat with 80 other tourists, but because it gets me out on the water and so much closer to these magnificent animals.
Anyways, the other day my parents & I had left our hotel and gone to lunch in Lahaina, at a beach-side restaurant that had a fabulous view of the walkway that connected several different major hotels with the beach (perfect for people watching), and the ocean beyond that. The entire time we were waiting for our meal and then while eating I couldn’t stop looking out at the water searching for those puffs of mist, and the occasional breach of a humpback, when I realized something. The whole time I was fixated on the water, literally thousands of people passed in front of us on the walkway, heading to or from their hotels, and none of them stopped walking to look around them! Maybe they figured that when they got to wherever they were going then they would look around and take in the view, but while they were walking, none of them slowed down enough to notice that right in front of them were some of the most majestic creatures on the face of this earth playing in the ocean.
That got me thinking. How many ways does God reveal Himself and His creativity, splendor, and glory to us? And how many times does He do this to have us completely ignore it? It’s like I preached about back in January—God reveals His glory all the time, but we are so busy being so focused on where we think we need to go that we frequently miss it. Even though we often ignore Him, God is going to continue revealing Himself to us. Those whales are going to continue breaching, blowing, spotting, and playing right in front of us, whether we are watching or not, but it is my prayer that we might all open our eyes a little wider, walk a little slower, and shift our gaze from the sidewalk in front of us to the splendor around us. Who knows, when we open our eyes, we might be privileged to see something like this:

or this…(a mom and her calf)


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