Posted by: sarahkennedy33 | December 6, 2006

You Know It’s Finals Week When

Yup folks, it’s finals week around here…and with that comes a few things that I have noticed around here that I find rather amusing which I thought I’d share with you….

You know it is finals week when you host a Presby social event and you have way more people show up than previous events….can we say procrastination??

You walk down the street and pass an individual who is pacing up and down the block proof reading his final paper out loud.

The library is FULL and you have to go hide in the basement to get anything done. The upstairs is full of people sighing, forcefully placing their books on the table, and whispering loudly to neighbors.

You pass a friend who is reciting the major players in American Church History out loud to himself as he prepares for his exam.

The line in the campus coffee shop is abnormally long.

The bookstore staff has switched this quarter’s text books for next quarter, yet no one seems to be remotely interested in their next reading lists.

The number of people from Fuller signing up for myspace accounts has doubled this week.

I’m not sure I have ever checked my email this frequently in one day….(ok that may be because Jean is supposed to email baby pictures today & I am dying to see this little one!)

The word “exegesis” sends physical shudders through a person.

You are sick of the songs that you have on your ipod playlist of “study songs” because you have listened to them so much in one week.

You can’t seem to remember what day it is, you only care that it is not Friday yet so that means you still have more time to work….

People who are finished with their work all of a sudden find themselves the most despised people on campus.

Happy Finals week everyone!


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