Posted by: sarahkennedy33 | November 21, 2006

Thankfulness from A-Z

I’m supposed to be writing a paper right now. However, that just doesn’t sound like very much fun. Besides, the paper isn’t due for another two weeks, so I figure I can take an afternoon off every now and then 🙂 Every year on Thanksgiving our extended family used to go around the table and all of us had to say one thing we were thankful for. While I think this is a fabulous family tradition, the answers were all fairly predictable and not incredibly original. Even my younger cousin Jacob, while always unique, was never unpredictable. (Each year for the first several years of his life he was thankful for “Papa’s gumball machine.”) Don’t get me wrong, being thankful for family, food, friends etc is incredibly important, and I regularly praise God for the incredible people He has placed in my life, but as I’m sitting here NOT writing my paper I began thinking of things I am thankful for this year. So I decided to share them with y’ll. And, because I appreciate order and organization (hey, I’m presbyterian!) I figured I’d be thankful for things “decently and in order.” So here ya go, “Things Sarah is thankful for from A-Z:”

A: Apartment — I finally moved into my own place this year and lets just say it is my little piece of heaven here on earth….
B: Blogs–being able to relax writing on mine and using friend’s to keep up with them
C: Cursillo–this random weekend in April that totally changed me & has led me to Houston 4 times in 6 months
D: Dinner — or rather the meals that friends & I have cooked together and shared this year
E: Exegesis — I never thought I’d say I’m thankful for this, but seminary, and my exegesis classes have helped me read scripture in a new light….
F: Fiction--in the midst of a LOT of theology I am even more in love with fiction!
G: Growth: as tough as it is to be pushed & stretched, being at Fuller has provided me with more opportunities to do this than I can count, and it’s been amazing
H: Houston — a place that is quickly beginning to feel like home
I: Internship — I have had incredible opportunities to learn & grow because of this
J: Jean and Josh’s baby — which should be born literally any day now! I’m going to be an “almost” aunt!
K: Kernie the Monkey — none of us ever would have guessed how much joy a stuffed monkey would bring to people all over–stressed out seminary students, Cursillo folks, and many others…
L: Lauren Winner — a young woman who has powerfully spoken truth about tough topics
M: myspace — maybe I really shouldn’t be thankful for this, I know that it causes a lot of problems, but I definitely enjoy the random connections I have made with people from a long time ago via this new technology
N: Nathan — my new brother! It took a couple decades but I finally have a brother!
O: Oranges — well really little clementines, the greatest fruit available in December
P: Phad Tai — I’m not sure why it took me 25 years to discover this amazing dish but it has become my favorite food this year…
Q: quarter-free laundry (hooray for “modern technology”!)
R: Renewal (a result of Cursillo)
S: Seattle — I will always be thankful for this place, a place I love dearly!
T: Trader Joes — the greatest grocery store in existence
U: Umbrellas –this might sound ridiculous from someone who lived in Seattle for 6 years, but I never owned one up there–it never rained hard enough, yet down here it POURS when it rains, so I have discovered the importance of this invention.
V: Verizon — their in network free calling…definitely makes staying in touch with folks easier!
W: Weddings — I am thinking of joining the Professional Bridesmaid Association–I’m sure one exists somewhere…yet no matter how many weddings I’m a part of, I never get tired of standing with friends or family as they begin a new adventure
X: xylophones (no really! There’s one used at Cursillo for something & it provided me with a fairly entertaining & memory!)
Y: Yo-baby yogurt — ok well I don’t actually like yogurt, but I’m thankful for the laughter that came from a moment involving yo-baby yogurt at the Retzloffs….
Z: Zephyrs — my favorite coffee shop in Pasadena where I have managed to get a TON of work done this year when I need to escape campus


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