Posted by: sarahkennedy33 | August 24, 2006

If These Streets Could Whisper

I was trying to figure out what to title this entry, but as I am writing it I am listening to a song called “If These Walls Could Speak” about a man’s trip back to his childhood home in a dream and about what the walls and streets would say if they could speak about all the memories in that place, and I think that kind of fits what I am thinking about now.

It has been a crazy month of traveling for me, I’ve been in Sacramento, Minnesota, Houston, Los Angeles, and now am in Seattle in the last 3 weeks–talk about a lot of time in airports! (My luggage has only been lost once and only 1 plane was significantly late…) I’ve loved my time in each of those places, I’ve seen amazing people who have all been such huge parts of my story, and I have had a little time to relax…not a lot but it has been a good start. But, waking up this morning on Heather and Darbee’s couch and seeing the sky slightly overcast and feeling the cool, fresh air blowing through the open window made my heart feel instantly at home and at peace. Darbee graciously left me her car this morning and after sleeping in I headed up to Queen Anne Avenue, my favorite neighborhood, and spent a couple hours up there. As I was walking up and down the “ave” I realized I felt truly relaxed, and felt like I fit, I was me again. I am not sure I can explain it, but I almost laughed out loud at how wonderful it felt to be walking down such a familiar street wearing such a typical Seattle outfit–jeans, a long sleeved tshirt (which I haven’t been able to do in MONTHS because everywhere I have gone has been so incredibly hot!), my chacos, with my REI bag with my journal and a book slung over my shoulder, and a latte from Cafe Ladro in my hand, seeing the sun peaking through the overcast sky and running into several familiar people as I stolled in and out of book stores and card shops. I spent some time journaling in Ladro and realized as I was writing that it was exactly 1 year ago this weekend that I left this place, that Ryan and Kelli and I loaded our Penske truck and headed south. It feels as if it has been about 5 years, so much has happened in my life and in my heart. As I was journaling I realized that a year ago, I was telling God that I would go to seminary, but I didn’t want to be a pastor, I wasn’t ready, and today I just turned in my application to start that process. A year ago I had never heard of Cursillo nor had any desire to ever go to Texas, and I have just returned from my second trip in six months and head back again in about 3 weeks. A year ago I never thought I needed or desired yet another community of friends, yet now I have two soul mates that God has brought into my life down at Fuller and I have others who have become part of my life and my story, and I feel so honored to know them. A year ago I wasn’t sure about the idea of my parents moving to Minnesota, yet today I have just returned from time there and LOVE the place–so much so that I am thinking of looking into doing my hospital internship there in a couple years just to spend more time in that beautiful place. It has been quite the year.

And Seattle is home. I love Fuller, I really do. But, Seattle is home. It’s not just the people, even though I have wonderful friends here and love my “family” here. It is not just Bethany either, even though I still think that is the most amazing church community ever. It’s more than that. It’s the culture. I was talking to Jean this morning and she affirmed that, the feeling of this city is unlike any other city I have been to. It is so relaxing to be here, there are so many amazing places to wander with others or by oneself. It is a city that tells so much of my story. I don’t know that I’ll ever come back here any time soon, and if I don’t, that is ok with me. It’s a big country and there are all kinds of wonderful people and places for me to meet and experience, but this city will always feel like home…my heart finds peace here, and that is an amazing feeling after a hard summer!

So as the chorus of this song goes:

If these streets could whisper
If these walls could speak,
They would scream out love
They would cry themselves to sleep
They would pray to Jesus
They would sing rock and roll
They would laugh with each other
They woud live soul to soul
If these walls could speak
I know what they’d say…
The memories in this place are unbelievable to me as more and more come flying back…amazing memories and some hard memories. But I love being here, and if these streets could whisper there are a LOT of stories they could tell…

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